Meet Best friend number 2

You’ve now met Louise, time to meet my other best friend Stephanie. (yes she took the selfies on my phone)

I met Steph at work in 2014, so have been friends for 3 years now and how we still are friends is beyond me. Apart from working together, we spent a long time together, trying to meet when we both weren’t working or at college or uni.


Every time we go out we tend to do fun activities such as the zoo, bowling, cinema, crazy golf or just a simple movie night in we always end up at a photo booth. I now have loads of these which frame my collage on my wardrobe. I love having a friend with Steph because she is so crazy that I feel like the normal one, which makes a change. Every time we are due to meet, we take in turns to plan the day and the activities to occur, we both love surprises so doing this keeps our friendship going.

Recently we went out to the local beach, had ice cream and I got slightly burnt in the face as you can see oops. We love having spontaneous trips and it always works out to be the best days full of fun laughter, jokes and memories. Even though Steph isn’t a rollercoaster person two weeks ago I took her to Woodlands as a surprise and she went on everything concerning¬†some of her fears of roller coasters, although she screamed her head off on the rocking boat.

I am so happy I met this girl, my life is now full of laughter and I wouldn’t be the crazy girl I am today.


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