Meet Best Friend Number 1


Meet best friend number 1 Louise. I have known Louise since 2013, so nearly 4 years. There is no one else in the world that I can be myself with and know I won’t be made to feel like an idiot. I am able to be my silly, crazy, singing self and not be judged as she will be there right alongside doing the exact same. We have been on many adventures together and have many inside jokes (Microwave- this is just for her benefit), and we share so many amazing memories.

We met at college doing level 2 childcare but she now is a career in an old people’s home and I carried on and am doing teacher training. Both doing these things means it can be hard to see one another regularly but we try to see each other at least once every three months. I have been able to support her to concur her fears even if it was just a waterslide at Woodlands.



We have both now been to Bristol together twice and even with not knowing where we were going when driving, I was lucky to have someone that didn’t panic next to me and had enough common sense to look on google maps. We have both been able to go to air hop which may I just add is the most physically tiring but brilliant thing to do. Face masks and bath bombs are just part of the weekend away, allowing us to have lots of fun dancing to Little Mix- and lucky saving videos of Louise singing, which I love to use to embarrass her.

Louise is a kind, considerate person who has been a brilliant friend to me and can’t believe she had put up with me for so long. Although we both say that, over the past 4 years we have become to be known as the chuckle sisters (because we are both so similar). Even though she doesn’t know me as well as I know her, I put it down to her needing more space to remember information for work :).



To come in the future we have booked a holiday to Spain together in July for a week which I am really excited about. Although Louise is scared of highest I’ve managed to get her to go to a theme park (Portaventura) with me for 2 days and a water park- although think she doesn’t mind the waterpark. On the flip side I’m going to the beach for her (I hate the beach) so works both ways. We are also thinking about going to Florida for a couple of weeks in the next few years, but have decided 100%.


Welcome to my best friend Louise, in the next blog post you will meet my other best friend Stephanie 🙂

Thanks for reading!!

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